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  • (1) Support 2014~2016 latest bluetooth 3D TVs of Sony/Samsung/Panasonic, and Epson RF Projectors, RF (Bluetooth) communication method, work without emitter, Detachable Arms, light design, 27g only.
  • (2) Auto power off function, energy efficiency, Button battery supports 100 hours continuously working time. High transmission lenses with brighter 3D video image, High-tech light-speed LCD shutter technology, High quality stereoscopic 3D solution.
  • (3) Compatible with Panasonic 3D TV Model : TX-40AS640B TX-48AS640B TX-55AS640B TX-40AX630B TX-48AX630B TX-55AX630B TX-50AX802B TX-50AX802B TX-50AX802B TX-40CX700B TX-50CX700B TX-55CX700B TX-65CX700B TX-40CX802B TX-50CX802B TX-55CX802B TX-65CX802B TX-85X942B TX-L65WT600B, etc...
  • (4) For Sony 3D TV : KDL-55W805B KDL-55W815B KDL-55W828B KDL-55W829B KDL-60W850B KDL-70W850B KDL-43W805C KDL-43W807C KDL-43W809C KDL-50W805C KDL-50W807C KDL-50W809C KDL-55W805C KDL-55W807C KDL-65W855C KDL-65W857C KDL-65W859C KDL-75W855C KD-55X8505C KD-55X8507C KD-55X8508C KD-55X8509C KD-65X8505C KD-65X8507C KD-65X8508C KD-65X8509C KD-75X8505C KD-55S8005C KD-65S8005C KD-55S8505C KD-65S8505C KD-65S9005B KD-75S9005B KD-55X9005B KD-65X9005B KD-85X9500B KD-55X9305C KD-65X9305C KD-75X9405C
  • (5) For Samsung 3D TV : UE48H6200AK UE55H6200AK UE60H6200AK UE40F6320AK UE46F6320AK UE48H6400AK UE55H6400AK UE65H6400AK UE65H6400AK UE40H6410SU UE40H6500ST UE48H6500ST UE55H6500ST UE55H6500ST UE48H6670ST UE48H6670ST UE40H7000ST UE46H7000ST UE55H7000ST UE60H7000ST UE48HU7500T UE55HU7500T UE65HU7500T UE75HU7500T UE85HU7500T UE48H8000ST UE55H8000ST UE65H8000ST UE55HU8200T UE65HU8200T UE55HU8500T UE65HU8500T UE78HU8500T UE48JS9000T UE55JS9000T UE65JS9000T UE65JS9000T UE78JS9500T UE88JS9500T

Product description


This is the latest version (2014/2015/2016) of Sintron 3D glasses, released on mid Nov.of 2014, this version changes to a lighter (27g), more elegant and easier to restore (detachable arm) design, and also with lower cost but without affecting the 3D effect compared to other version of glasses.

This glasses is for Adult size, and will be compatible with 2015~2016 Sony/Panasonic/Samsung TVs and Epson RF Projectors, and is a design based on active shutter glasses, 3D TV. All the 3D glasses are brand new and high quality and we will try our best service to you.

Watch your favorite movies in 3D with these 3D glasses, communicate wirelessly with your 3D panel, serving up a vivid, immersive 3D viewing experience at home. This single pair of glasses features CR2025 3V cell button battery, offers a one-size-fits-all design, that are compatible with over 90% of Japanese Brand 3D Monitors. Delivers a true 3D experience - For watching your favorite movies in a new way

Compatibility List

Please check the main picture for list.


(1)3D Glasses Type : Active Shutter lasses
(2)Synchronous : Bluetooth
(3)Display Compatibility : 3D HDTV Blu-ray Players
(4)Response Time : 2.0ms
(5)Frequency : 96-120HZ
(6)Contrast : 750:1
(7)Transmission : ?37%
(8)Contentiously Working Time : 100 hours
(9)Dimension : 145*40*147mm
(10)Net Weight : 27g
(11)Operating Temperature : 0?-40?
(12)Relative Humidity : 20%-80%RH
(13)Atmospheric Pressure : 86 kPa-106 kPa
(14)Battery Type : CR2025 Button Battery

Package for each pairs

1x 3D Glasses
1x Protecting Bag
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x User Manual
2x CR2025 Cell Button Battery
Brand Sintron
Model G15-BT
Part Number 674775308113
Power Source Battery

Item Weight 200 g
Shipping Weight 200 g
Item Model Number G15-BT
Date First Available 9 December 2017

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